Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Journey to South Haven


You and your new found companions have finally arrived to the gates of South Haven.  Having hired yourselves out to a caravan of traders and merchants you traveled from the port city of Yuusmere.  The Journey was relatively uneventful the size of the caravan detouring any unsavory types and country side denizens.  So the coin came easy, as did the conversations on the road.  Making fast friends with you companions and fellow sell swords you learned that a few of you were traveling to South Haven for very similar reasons, Answers, Glory, and Adventure.  If all the stories of South Haven and its sister city North Haven were true you will absolutely find all of these things.

-Things you have learned about South Haven and North Haven.

– The two cities were once one great city called Grand Haven, and was known as a city of learning, peace and high commerce.

– The city was ripped asunder over 500 years ago during the “Great Culling” when the gods came to this plane and battled.  Grand Haven was divided due to a battle between the Gods, Urgathoa(Goddess of Gluttony, Disease and undeath) and  Lamashtu (Goddess of madness, monsters, and nightmares) who fought against Desna (Goddess of Dreams, Stars, travelers and luck). The City having been considered a star of all that was considered good in the realm revealed its ugly side during this battle as its citizens chose sides to aid the deities in their battles, and the dark greedy, corrupt side took to the north side of the city, (which was then divided by the River Feld and is now divided by the Crag a deep 2000ft drop the the river Feld still flows through at its bottom.)  As the city tore itself apart while the Goddesses fought they were unaware of the approaching God Rovagug who swung his greataxe and split the city in two.  It was this act that also brought the attention of the Elder God (whose name is unknown to mortal men and women) to this realm who then removed the Gods back to their domains. Thus ending the “Great Culling” however Grand Haven was no longer the same, the followers of the two evil Goddesses were twisted by their powers and gifts while the citizens in South Haven were cursed with the knowledge of the norths corruption. The Leaders of that time decided to set up the Sentry (a group of guards that watch from the south side to ensure that the now “Creatures” from the north side don’t infiltrate South Haven.) Though the Sentry is a good group, devout and steadfast in their duties, sometimes the Darkness from the north does find its way as darkness does.

– The North, though little is known about what goes on in the Northern half or who is in charge it is known that when the Greataxe of Rovagug fell the North and South sides of the city were pushed apart so harshly that a mountain rose up behind North Haven and the tip top most part of the mountain makes a sort of dome to that furthest northern part of the city shrouding it in darkness all the time.  And it is believed that there is where the seat of power for the North resides, under that “Dome”

– Other bits of information about the north are that there are many creatures from nightmares that roam about, creatures of the undead sort and others. Others that give nightmares bad dreams. But every season, new adventures come seeking Answers, Glory and Adventure and every season they never return.

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