Wednesday, August 23, 2017

karahpicKarah Williams
Baltimore, Maryland
Bartender, Dog Mom, Full Time Napper.

Born and raised in Baltimore for the most part. My hobbies include being anti-social and binge watching Netflix. My love for video games revolve around anything for PlayStation one and GameCube up until I give up and have to hand the controller over to my sister to beat something for me. However, don’t try me at a game of Mario party as I will win. No cosplay or conventions under my belt (yet). About the closest I’ve come to making a costume is when I made a pretty dope Rorschach mask. I partake in cosplay poker, however when you see me 90% of the time I open my mouth will be to make a rude remark or laugh.

Current ComicWow Original Shows: Cosplay Poker