2016 Spiel des Jahres Winner, Codenames, to Be Licensed  For the First Time for Fall 2017

USAopoly  Inc.  announced  today  an  exclusive  global licensing   agreement   for   the   Codenames   franchise   with   European-­‐‑based   Czech   Games Edition. USAopoly will design and publish licensed versions of the highly acclaimed tabletop game as the exclusive global licensing partner for the Codenames brand.

The announcement is made by USAopoly’s President and CEO, John M. Davis, and Czech Games Edition’s CEO and Founder, Petr  Murmak.

“We  have  one  of  the  strongest  licensing  departments  in  gaming,  and  we  recognized  that Codenames  was  perfect  for  pairing  with  some  of  our  great  licenses.  We  are  confident  the licensing    possibilities    for    Codenames    will    be    exciting,    and    will    complement    our extraordinary portfolio of game brands,” noted USAopoly President and CEO John M. Davis. “It  will  be  great  to  work  with  Petr  and  the  Czech  Games  Edition  team,  as  Codenames  is wildly popular and well-­‐‑regarded in the market.”

In 2016, Codenames was the winner of the board game industry’s most prestigious award— the Spiel des Jahres— in addition to numerous other accolades.

Two licensed editions of Codenames will be available in Fall 2017 and will retail for $24.95. Both games are targeted for players ages 8 and up and will be sold exclusively in North America.

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