Slam #2 ComicWow! Review


Last issue, we saw Jennifer Chu and Maisie Huff (bffs) get drafted into two different Roller Derby teams. In this issue, we get to see more of the Derby Life—and this issue is all about balance; how to balance Roller Derby with schoolwork, friends, boyfriends, priorities, etc. Unfortunately, Jennifer and Maisie aren’t the best at balance, as they can’t seem to make time for each other. Both of their lives have things going on that the other doesn’t know about. Luckily enough, the two get to spend some time together at the end of this issue, but who knows how long that’ll last?

Ribon’s writing comes in the form of dialogue, caption boxes, flyers, and text messages. So many different types of character interaction helps create a constantly moving script, a wonderful dynamic between characters, and a modern-day feel. Most communication these days happens through texting (or iMessaging), so these kinds of conversations make perfect sense and help relate the story to readers’ lives.

Both Jennifer and Maisie are headed in different directions. Jennifer focuses on Roller Derby and school. Maisie doesn’t seem to focus much on anything except her own self-pity. That sounds harsh, yeah, but it’s kind of true. Only towards the end of the issue does Maisie start to break out of her shell, and that’s only for sex (it’s nothing all too productive towards her achieving her goals—she even has to sit out her team’s bout because her skating sucks).

Veronica Fish’s artwork is very telling of the Roller Derby lifestyle. We see every scrape, scratch, and bruise that these women get while skating. When Jennifer and Maisie are thinking of how their personal lives have taken a hit for skating, we can see the disappointment in their facial expressions. Brittany Peer’s colors help make the Derby life look fun and vibrant. The colors are bold, with bright greens and pinks surrounding the Derby bouts.

Derby fans, you’re going to love this series. It doesn’t glorify Roller Derby as much as it does rationalize it. We don’t just see the excitement of the competition; we see the practices, the background and personal lives of the skaters, and more. This is a great series for anyone who has a personal passion they need to balance with everyday life. For a lighthearted read with deeper undertones and themes, look no further!

Written by: Pamela Ribon

Illustrated by: Veronica fish


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