Shock Rock Band GWAR and Writer Matt Miner Talk About Their New Comic Book, ORGASMAGEDDON!


    ComicWow! (CW): What made you decide to write a comic book?
    Gwar’s Matt Maguire (GMM): Most of the members in the band love comics, we had several self-published comics in the 90’s and I wanted us to get back into the comic world. GWAR has a lot more stories to tell.

    CW: What influence, if any, will your music have on your comic book series?

    GMM: We will most likely just Blast GWAR tunes as we write and draw the comic or maybe just some ABBA in the background.

    CW: Your Kickstarter doesn’t say that readers need to be GWAR fans, but is there an upside to us life-long fans? Is there something we’ll understand more than the average comic book reader?

    GMM: The diehard Bohabs will get to see their favorite Scumdogs doing all the things they crave. And they might learn a thing or two. The new fans will have their minds blown and become slaves to GWAR.


    CW: How do you plan to transfer your energy as a band to the page?
    GMM: First we go to the woods and find some good trees.  Then, we play one of our songs into the trees. Cut down the trees to make them into the paper to make the page. Then a series of 20 sided die rolls and some nerd spells… Abracadabra, we have a comic!
    CW: Did you incorporate a lot of the GWAR mythos into the series? Why/why not?
    GMM: This series could be a standalone but could fall into the canon of the GWAR mythos. I wanted this story to be about GWAR’s new members and their newer bad guy Mister Perfect. But the cool thing about this story is we can tap into a lot of old Scumdogs and show things that have never been addressed in GWAR comics.

    CW:  When first starting GWAR, how did you decide on this mythos and/or appearance? What was the creative process behind creating the image you have?

    GMM: GWAR started out as a movie idea by Hunter Jackson and after a little “your peanut butter in my chocolate” with Dave Brockie’s band Death Piggy, GWAR was born.  A lot of really creative people got together and came up with the bulk of the story and Scumdogs you see today. The process is very gladiatorial: with sketch book, pencil , drums and guitars we fight ‘til the best idea is still standing…. Sorry, mostly a lot of meetings.

    CW: Is there anything you’d like to add?
    GMM: Go to Kickstarter now, puny humans! Throw all your hard cash at your lords and masters GWAR!!
    CW: Whose idea was the miniseries, Matt’s or GWAR’s? How did you all get together to make the miniseries?

    Mat Miner (MM): Well like Matt Maguire said, GWAR has done comics before, so I knew this wasn’t a new idea for them.  The miniseries itself, and the idea to do it, was mine – but my sole involvement starts and ends with asking a mutual friend to introduce me to the band so I could pitch doing the series.  After meeting with Matt Maguire it’s been purely a collaborative effort since then, and that’s the only way I would want to do the series – if they were involved extensively, throughout the book.
    CW: Matt, you’ve had some experience in this genre before with Toe Tag Riot. What is it about the genre that interests you?


    MM: Toe Tag Riot was inspired by GWAR and movies like Return of the Living Dead.  I love horror/comedy because you can face and deal with gore and violence and all the evils of the world, but with a smile and a wink.  GWAR reminds us to not take life too seriously, but still care about the things that actually matter – a lesson I learned as a young teenage bohab and have tried to carry through my life.
    CW: Can you tell us what the premise of the series is?

    MM: Orgasmageddon is a time-travelling GWAR tale as they crash through the past in an attempt to get back to the present and kick Mr. Perfect’s ass.  It’s like Bill & Ted’s, but if Bill & Ted went on a bath salts bender and killed everyone.
    CW: What is it like working with GWAR? I mean, after all, they are aliens. Was it a smooth process or did you hit a few “bumps in the road?”

    MM: You should check out the Kickstarter video – mostly it’s been great, but Sawborg Destructo has us tied up in a basement and will kill us unless we can raise this dough on Kickstarter!  Also, it’s been great working with them – literally no complaints.  I think Matt Maguire has a perfect collaborative spirit that makes for great comics – he keeps me on the right path with their characters but also lets me flex my creative muscles.
    CW: What can we expect from you in the near future? Do you have any other projects going on?

    MM: I do!  A few things, but they’re not announced yet.  I’ll say they all have to do with horror and music and gore, though – I’m leaving bloody footprints wherever I tread in comics.
    CW: Is there anything you’d like to add?
    MM: Just like Maguire said – get your butt to!  We just re-loaded the rewards with even more awesome stuff, and it’s gonna go quick, so head over and check it out before November 25!