Inhumans vs X-Men #0 ComicWow! Review


The Terrigen Mists are what give Inhumans their powers. Unfortunately, they are also fatal to mutants. Cyclops and Emma Frost set out to destroy the clouds of Terrigen Mists, and got rid of one before Black Bolt (king of the Inhumans) retaliated, seemingly killing Cyclops.

The X-Men and the Inhumans agreed to a truce while Dr. Henry McCoy (Beast) and Xiaoyi Chen (Iso) work on a peaceful way of preserving both races.

However, there is something that Emma Frost didn’t tell anyone. The Cyclops that Black Bolt killed was actually just a projection of him. The real Cyclops was killed earlier via Terrigen poisoning. Before this happened, he told Emma that the world can’t go on like this—divided and living in fear. So, Emma has decided to take things into her own hands.

Emma tries to strengthen her skills as she plans to get revenge on Black Bolt for killing Cyclops (even though he didn’t even kill Cyclops—just a clone). She meets with Magneto, who is surprisingly hesitant to attack the Inhumans, even though he desperately wants to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, Beast gets together with the Inhumans and eventually goes to see Medusa, who is secretly planning to win a war between the Inhumans and the X-Men, which she sees as inevitable.

Writer Charles Soule lays this issue out in a really clean, understandable, linear way. Telling the story from the present, Soule takes us back eight months, then six, then four, then two, and finally yesterday. Skipping two months in between each section of the story tells us just how long Dr. McCoy and Iso have been working on this plan to save both the Inhumans and the mutants. It’s not an easy process, but the science is getting closer to a resolution—however slowly that may be.

There is some excellent characterization in this issue. Dr. McCoy, for one, has a bit of a shift in this issue alone. Starting off, he is as optimistic as ever. He has full faith in science and is dedicated to the cause. Once he overhears Medusa’s plans, though, he gets a different idea and learns that not everyone is on the same page anymore.

Medusa herself respects McCoy and values his mind as well as his work. When it comes down to it, though, she has to protect her own.

Emma Frost, what can I say? She is one feisty character with a lot of spunk. It seems like she might be dangerous to the truce, even with her pure intentions.

Kenneth Rocafort plays around with the panels a lot in this issue, keeping each and every page new, exciting, and enthralling. Every character is illustrated with the utmost precision and detail. They each also have very distinguishable physical traits, whether it’s their wardrobe, appearance (furry (Beast), shiny (Emma)), expressions, etc.

Any fan of Inhumans or X-Men should read this book. Fans of the Marvel Universe alone need to see what chaos is revving up within this so-called “truce.” This could be the start to a huge event in the Marvel Universe. If Dr. McCoy and Iso can’t figure out how to keep both Inhumans and X-Men alive and safe, this means war.

Written by: Charles Soule

Illustrated by: Kenneth Rocafort


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