Hawkeye #1 ComicWow! Review


Kate Bishop is new to town, and has her eyes set on starting her own PI Firm, Hawkeye Investigations. Unfortunately, with her logo being a drawing of an eye, people mistake her for an optometrist and even Clint Barton (the male Hawkeye). Luckily, one college student knows a superhero PI is a good idea! When Hawkeye is on the case, she finds a guy who is a prime suspect, but her client is still in trouble.

Kelly Thompson writes Kate Bishop’s character really well. She has a strong personality, excellent problem-solving skills, and a hint of sarcasm. Her dialogue is light enough that we don’t get too much of a sense of urgency until the end, when her client is kidnapped and we see a “T.B.C.” badge fall out of her bag. On said badge is a mask that alludes to a new character next issue, or at least one that has a much bigger part in Hawkeye’s investigations. Clearly, there is more to this case than a stalker.

The interjection of humor in this issue proves to be really helpful in creating the tone for the series. It’s serious, yeah, I mean a woman got kidnapped—but Kate herself brings a much-needed laugh, often about herself. Two whole pages are dedicated solely to what people think Kate’s business is. The comparisons to Clint and an optometrist create a lighthearted dialogue to further characterize Kate and reveal more about how unsatisfactory her life is (at least for now).

Artist Leonardo Romero illustrates this issue with clean and smooth line work. There is, however, a distinct lack of detail in the characters’ faces. We can see when one is making a face, expression, or movement, but there isn’t much to the facial features, like laugh lines, frown lines, etc. When they do appear, they aren’t realistic by any means.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors help make this issue really “pop.” Those two pages of fake clients, for example, are colored in such a way that it looks as if time is progressing throughout the day. The light source gets more useful, and even visible, so we can tell that the sun is setting. Elsewhere, colors are realistic enough, but a little dulled down to account for light sources like lights in the library and Luna.

This new Hawkeye doesn’t quite have the reputation that Clint has (for the most part, that’s a good thing, seeing as most everyone wants to give Clint a swift punch in the face), but she’s on her way to becoming—at least—an effective PI. Marvel fans, Hawkeye fans, Avengers fans, head out to your local comic book shop and give this a read.

Written by: Kelly Thompson

Illustrated by: Leonardo Romero


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