Douglas Paszkiewicz Talks About His Upcoming Work on The Tick!


    ComicWow! (CW): How did you end up with the role of recreating the Tick?

    Douglas Paszkiewicz (DP): I heard that NEC was relaunching the series and threw my hat in the ring.  At the risk of exploding any myth of me having a shred of humility, if you need an illustrator who understands comedic timing and has a cartoony but semi realistic drawing style…there ain’t many people walking the earth that can fill that role as well as me. And my resume is not easily ignored- Comedy Central, Mad Magazine, and my own multi award nominated comic Arsenic Lullaby. I have a specific skill set, and it’s a perfect fit for the Tick, in my opinion.  NEC seems to have seen it that way to, since they brought me on board.

    CW: How does it feel to be a part of a cult favorite?

    DP: It feels strange.  I read the Tick, and watched The Tick…and now when I am done reading or watching, I go draw the Tick.  I haven’t gotten my head around that I am part of this mythos now. It’ll probably hit me when I see the book in print on the shelves. “Woah…I’m the guy who draws that.”

    CW: What can we expect from your new version?

    DP: You can expect the Tick.  Nothing, as a fan of something, irritates me more than when some bunch of jerks reboot it and change a bunch of stuff around.  Change the feel, change the look, change the attitude, for the sake of “putting their own spin on it” or “breathing new life into it.” Like, what the f**k did you take on the role for if you didn’t think it was good as is? Go make your own book and character if you aren’t able to handle continuing on with something people already like.

    The Tick is great as is. It’s my job to draw new stories of the Tick.

    THE…TICK…as we all know and love him.  He’s going to look like the Tick, and act like the Tick.  Fans won’t have to worry about some DC52 Lobo situation, where they buy a book and the only thing about the comic that resembles the comic they loved is the Title.

    CW: Which will your version of the Tick be based off of most, the comic, animated series, or live action series?

    DP: The original Edlund run and the cartoon are my soul foundation.  The cartoon was about as true to the original work as you are likely to get once a comic book jumps to another medium, so in my mind the two are the same. And those are what I’m basing my end of things on.

    CW: Is there anything you’d like to add?

    DP: This is a longer story telling format than I have worked on before so it is giving me the chance to do a lot of cool things with the visual storytelling.  The page layouts and pacing are some of my best work.

    Again, at the risk of exposing my lack of humility, this is going to be a great looking book.


    1. Finally! The TICK!!!! SPOON! Couldn’t have found a more perfect creative match than Doug, Arsenic Lullaby is one of the cornerstones of the modern self publishing world. The dark, dry humor is going to click with the Tick! Good job NEC, I can’t wait!

    2. Met Douglas through a mutual friend on Facebook. He’s so awesome this will be the first comic book I ever buy. I’m 40 and loved the animated tick, love Douglas’ style and sense of humor, and really just enjoy the hell out of watching people do awesome things awesomely.

      Nice article. Can’t wait for the book!