Doctor Strange #1.MU ComicWow! Review


There’s nothing quite like the combination of magic and monsters. We’ve seen it and we love it. Doctor Strange #1.MU does just that. Doctor Strange has lost his powers and is surviving on what little magical trinkets he has on him. While trying to fight off the same monster as Goom and Googam, an unlikely team-up results from the chaos.

One thing I’m really pumped about in this issue is the inclusion of Goom and Googam. Googam is the son of Goom, and they’re both humanoid aliens from planet “X,” straight out of ‘60s comic books. Created by the legends themselves, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, these extraterrestrials appeared first in Tales of Suspense, and led to others. In this issue, they are among the Leviathons falling from the sky outside San Diego, but they turn out to be kind of good monsters. They aren’t, however, much of an entertaining addition to the story.

Taking Doctor Strange’s magic away was a HUGE risk on Chip Zdarsky’s part. This isn’t what Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, is supposed to be like. He’s supposed to be powerful, relentless, with the Eye of Agamotto at his fingertips. No. Captain America has to lift him out of battle because he’s not helping.

This is really sad to see, but we see more to Strange’s character, and that makes up for the lack of magical action. We see a very conflictive tough exterior with a soft monologue. Strange’s actions by no means direct us towards what he’s really feeling, which is mostly fright. The caption boxes work really well, though, and add a lot to Zdarsky’s characterization.

Julian Lopez’s art is pretty impressive. Every now and then it lacks some movement, but for the most part, it’s really detailed, clean, and telling. Characters’ faces are emotional and tell us a lot about their reactions, which actually add a lot to the script. Shadows and highlights are perfectly colored by Frank D’armata, and it looks brilliant.

This isn’t a necessary addition to the Monsters Unleashed event, nor does it show Doctor Strange’s true capabilities, but this is a good issue overall. The Leviathons are seemingly unbeatable, but they can’t take over the Marvel Universe…or can they? Keep reading the event’s issues to find out!

Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Illustrated by: Julian Lopez