ComicWow! Interviews Trevor Pryce!


    Trevor Pryce stops by the ComicWow! studios to talk about his career as NFL star turned producer/writer

    ComicWow! will be livestreaming an interview tomorrow at 2:30pm with former NFL star and current producer/writer Trevor Pryce to talk about his Kulipari Novels turned Netflix series. Not only will Pryce be interviewed, but ComicWow! will be hosting a live Q&A for fans to ask questions of their own!

    After writing a series of novels about an army of frogs, the Kulipari, the story was turned into a Netflix series with voice actors as popular as Lacey Chabert, Josh Keaton, Mark Hamill, and more. ComicWow! will be talking to Pryce about his career and his hit Netflix series (the story, the mythos, the characters, and more).

    Join us on tomorrow at 2:30pm for an inside look at Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.


    Richard Ankney

    Production Manager, ComicWow!

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