Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face #3 ComicWow! Review


When one problem is solved, another begins. The bearded girl, Ronny, and Chimichanga are going through the Forest of the Flatulent Witch when her minions (Ooby Doobys) capture them. The witch plans to chop up Chimichanga for her anti-gas potion. While she tries to convince Ronny to turn evil like her, Ronny has a bit of an epiphany. He isn’t going to let judgmental people get him down. Instead of stewing in his hatred and self-loathing, Ronny is going to surround himself with people that love and accept him. Meanwhile, back at the circus, the guests are going mad over wanting to see Ronny’s ugly face.

Eric Powell is best known for The Goon. His signature art style has also moved to series like Hillbilly and Big Man Plans. A five time Eisner Award winner, Powell has created quite the name for himself in this industry. His storytelling skills are strong in Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face. Just when we thought our trio of “freaks” couldn’t find themselves in a worse, more horrific position, Powell decides to throw a little humor at us.

In a dark universe of Chimichanga, filled with monsters, evil, hate, and intrigue, we get a joke as hilarious as an evil witch whose worst quality is her smelly, uncontrollable farting. Her Ooby Doobys are absolute jokesters; with their silly songs and empty threats, they have barely any purpose but to add to the witch’s reputation.

Stephanie Buscema’s illustrations perfectly pair with Powell’s script. The Ooby Doobys look like little blue gremlin Elvis impersonators. The witch herself doesn’t have much detail, and could benefit from some fleshing out. However, there is one panel that shows a close up of her face, and it is impeccably done. Not only does the line work show a large amount of emotion, but the coloring is done in such a way that this flatulent witch actually looks rather scary. This entire issue looks like a really gloomy-yet-lively trip in the woods. Buscema has done an amazing job with the visuals.

This is a great miniseries that has elements for all audiences: humor, horror, drama, action, everything! Eric Powell and Stephanie Buscema make an incredibly effective creative team. Head out to your local comic book shop and read up on this series before the concluding issue comes out soon!

Written by: Eric Powell

Illustrated by: Stephanie Buscema


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