BOOM! Studios Welcomes a Mysterious New Power Ranger!


    As of November 30, 2016, in issue number nine of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios), there is a brand spankin’ new Ranger! This is HUGE news. The character is the first new Power Ranger in the “Mighty Morphin” series in 23 years. The new Ranger was developed by series writer Kyle Higgins, cover artist Jamal Campbell, Saban Brands, and BOOM! Studios. It features a new costume design including red, gold, and green. The new Ranger will play a pivotal role in the series. The identity of this new character will be revealed in issue #11, and the origin story will be released in issue #12. This could be the start of a bright and broad future for the franchise.

    Power Rangers is an American entertainment and merchandise franchise based off of a live action TV show. The first Power Rangers entry, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, came out in August of 1993. Throughout the ‘90s, Power Rangers made its way into the forefronts of pop culture, resulting in action figures and other Bandai toys.


    The show did, however, receive a fair bit of criticism for its violence targeted to child audiences. Despite that minor setback, Power Rangers has grown into the multi-million dollar franchise it is today. It has 23 seasons of 19 different themed series, two feature films, a third coming out next year, and merchandise from action figures to apparel.

    The Power Rangers are, of course, based off of Super Sentai, a Japanese series. Essentially, scenes from this series were spliced together. Some original fight scenes were used to make the footage unique to the Power Rangers name. Generally, the villains are not adapted from the Sentai either, except for a few, including those in “Mighty Morphin’,” “Zeo,” and “Lightspeed Rescue.”


    Power Rangers went from Sony Entertainment to Walt Disney to Fox to ABC Kids, Toon Disney, Jetix, Disney XD, Bandai, and more. Now, Saban and Nickelodeon have extended their partnership through 2018.

    As of now, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series is going strong and is ready for a huge surprise and a deep mystery. New Rangers could mean an ever-changing and ever-growing, already-freaking-huge franchise. There will always be room to expand and entertain; it’s the Power Rangers, come on. Next year, Saban’s Power Rangers, a reboot feature film, is set to release in March. It doesn’t look like the franchise is slowing down any time soon, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.