Archie #18 ComicWow! Review


This issue serves as kind of an update on the main characters of the series.

Jughead is his usual loner self, but has made a deal with the Blossom siblings to find out why their dad is hiding his money (in exchange for two months of free burgers). It doesn’t go according to plan, but Jughead still gets the burgers!

Betty and Dilton are spending some time together and end up bonding over cars quite a bit. As it turns out, Dilton likes her as more than a friend, and Betty isn’t completely opposed to the idea of dating him. She’s still hung up on Archie, but he’s taken, right? So, the two set up an official date.

Elsewhere, Archie and Veronica are on their first date since she has been back in Riverdale. She talks about school and learning concepts that Archie doesn’t understand. Archie talks about sports, which Veronica doesn’t understand. By the end of the night, both are feeling disconnected and the relationship just isn’t the same.

Waid takes a new and effective approach to this issue, and it pays off. There isn’t too much going on plot-wise here. We’re pretty much just getting to see where each character is in life in the current moment. Things are, however, taking a turn for the…weirder.

I never would have thought that Betty would be willing to date Dilton. They make a cute couple, but she’s a bit preoccupied with Archie. I guess this is the start of her getting over him, but to be honest, I don’t want her to. I always wanted Archie and Betty to get back together. Now that things are getting rocky between him and Veronica, I was kind of hoping the two would at least start spending more time together. To me, Dilton is getting in the way, but I’m happy for the little guy. It should be interesting to see where both relationships go.

In terms of the Blossoms, their “problem” of not having as much money (but still being filthy stinkin’ rich) doesn’t seem that important. I know they’ve been significant characters in the last few issues, but I can’t bring myself to care about them too much, in large part because even when Jughead kind of screws them over, they don’t even react in the moment. I do wish Waid had lengthened that part of the issue, but I’m sure the Blossoms’ situation isn’t going anywhere.

Pete Woods’ illustrations accurately and effectively represent the characters and each of their quirks. The art style is a bit angular, so it isn’t the most realistic-looking issue. However, it still shows a lot of personality, humility, and realism in its concepts, actions/reactions, and themes. Some of the backgrounds are a bit bare, so it doesn’t look all too detailed, but the artwork clearly tells the story really well.

The creative team has done an awesome job with this issue, and it’s a great one to add to the series. While it doesn’t show all too much, it’s a nice update on each character before the meat of the new story arc. If you’re even moderately an Archie fan, this is definitely an issue to check out.

Written by: Mark Waid

Illustrated by: Pete Woods