Saturday, August 24, 2019


Cthulhu Deck Building Game by Wyvern Gaming

ComicWow!’s Big Rick unboxes Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game from Wyvren Gaming. This is a great game for any and all horror fans—especially Lovecraftian...

Paradox Unboxing

Big Rick talks to us about Paradox, a game that lets you play as a scientist to help save the worlds by making time...

Adrenaline Unboxing

Big Rick shows us Adrenaline, a game that brings FPS video games to the tabletop. Board gamers and video gamers alike are going to...

Board Gaming with Friends featuring Clank!: Sunken Treasure

Renegade Game Studios’ hit board game, Clank!, is back with an expansion pack! We got to take a look at Clank!: Sunken Treasure just...

Steve Jackson Games @ PAX Unplugged

Big Rick sits down with Randy Scheunemann from Steve Jackson Games at PAX Unplugged 2017.

Lotus Demo from Renegade Game Studios Interview

ComicWow!’s Big Rick and Renegade Game Studios’ Sara Erickson have a zen talk about the new game Lotus. This is a beautiful, calming game,...

Running with the Bulls demo with Calliope Games!

ComicWow! learns a little about Running with the Bulls from Chris Leder of Calliope Games. El Toro is a vacation town overrun with bulls!...

Game Trade Media Goes to GAMA!

Game Trade Media will be attending the GAMA Trade Show next week in Las Vegas, and livestreaming it all! Game Trade Media (GTM) will make...

Arcane Wonders @ PAX Unplugged

Big Rick sits down with Tony Gullotti from Arcane Wonders at PAX Unplugged 2017.

CMON @ PAX Unplugged

Big Rick sits down with Jared Miller from CMON at PAX Unplugged 2017.