Thursday, June 29, 2017

WOW Factor – Episode 3

On the third episode of WOW Factor, Rick got the chance to catch up with J.C. Vaughn, Vice President of Gemstone Publishing. Press play and see what's the future holds for Gemstone Publishing and more! Starring:...

Fan Five @ 5: 5 Characters From Attack On Titan You Should Know

It's still manga month and on today's episode of Fan Five at 5 is all about Attack on Titan. Watch as Ani-Mia tell you about five characters from the manga and show that you should...

WOW Factor – Episode 2

On this episode of WOW Factor, in honor of Diamonds 35th anniversary; Steve Geppi is interviewed and gives us an inside look at what it took for him to create Diamond Comic Distributors. Starring: Richard...

Fan Five @5: 5 Spider-Man Story Lines You Have to Read

It's finally here! Spectacular Spider-Man #1's launch party is today and just in case you aren't too familiar on what other Spider-Man titles you can read until you get your hands on the issue,...

WOW Factor – Episode 1

For the first episode of WOW Factor, Rick interviews Trevor Pryce a former professional football player, author, and now writer of the Netflix Original Series "Kulipari: An Army of Frogs". Press play and see what...