Sunday, March 26, 2017


Focus on new and exciting things!

Orphans and Ashes Unboxing

Big Rick unboxes Orphans &Ashes! Based on the web comic, Looking for Group, Orphans & Ashes puts Cale and Richard against each other in...

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing for October – Doctor Strange

Josh unboxes October's edition of Marvel Collector Corps. From pins to Funko Pops, Doctor Strange has taken over. Come see what we found inside!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle from USAopoly Unboxing

Big Rick unboxes Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle! This deck-building game comes with all sorts of cards reminiscent of Harry's journey with his friends. Come see...

Red Sonja WOD Statue Unboxing

“Women of Dynamite” brings us Red Sonja! Big Rick and Josh unbox this beautiful statue and examine all the detail that lies within. Amazing...

Jungle Girl WOD Statue Unboxing

ComicWow!’s Big Rick and Josh unbox a Jana the Jungle Girl statue from the “Women of Dynamite” line! This is the statue with the least amount...

Purgatori WOD Statue Unboxing

Dynamite’s “Women of Dynamite” line of statues presents Purgatori! Big Rick and Josh of ComicWow! unbox this gem of a statue that includes an...

Vampirella WOD Statue Unboxing

Big Rick and Josh unbox Vampirella from Dynamite’s “Women of Dynamite” line of statues. See all the awesomeness they find inside!